Practitioner Sessions

The Marico Innovation Foundation organized a series of Innovation Practitioner Sessions across India on – “Innovation for India – Challenges, Opportunities and the Potential”.

These were open discussions and real conversations around HOW TO IMPLEMENT INNOVATION. The objective of these sessions was to share and learn about how breakthrough innovations have been successful in India and debate what is needed to make them happen. The sessions were an opportunity to meet and interact with past Innovation award winners; Innovation Leaders from organizations like Reliance, Tata and Kirlosker; thought leaders such as Dr. Mashelkar, Dr. Makarand Phadke, Mr. Bharat Wakhlu  and Leaders from Government and Social initiatives that have demonstrated scale.

Over four hundred people joined the sessions in four cities across India and interacted and engaged with Practitioners from Business, Social and Government sectors who have been a part of implementing high-impact innovation within their space. The discussions were an opportunity for Innovation enthusiasts to engage deeply on the key questions: HOW‘ were these innovations implemented and ‘WHAT‘ are the cornerstones for building a successful Innovation Ecosystem in India.

The sessions were designed as a tight 2 hour interaction including a discussion with the Key Note Speaker and a 60 minute moderated discussion with the panelists followed by 45 minutes of Q&A and networking.

These sessions were held as follows:

  1. Mumbai, 25th July 2011, co-hosted by the IIT Bombay – Monash Research Academy
  2. Pune, 27th July 2011, co-hosted by the Venture Center, NCL Innovation Park
  3. New Delhi, 8th August 2011, co-hosted by FICCI
  4. Bangalore, 10th August 2011, co-hosted by IDIOM

Each session revealed some interesting insights on the subject of Innovation; read more about the Mumbai, Pune and New Delhi sessions and check out our Facebook page for photos and The Innovation for India Vimeo channel for video clips from the sessions.

The Bangalore Innovation Practitioner Session brought together 8 thought leaders and sparked some interesting debates. Here is a short film summarizing the session:

  1. #1 by musingsofasalesman on September 1, 2011 - 10:49 AM

    When is the next series of events ? I missed this series 😦

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